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SAFETYnet survey data - Managament of trees

Recently, one of our members got in touch to say they were over-hauling their tree management arrangements and would like help from any other members that have provisions in place for this particular area of compliance.

We put together a brief questionnaire around this, thank you to those who filled it in.

Please find a summary of the results in this document.

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Asbestos surveys - What you should know - Matt Dawes

Asbestos surveys - What you should know - Matt Dawes

To mark the start of SAFETYnet’s asbestos-themed focus month we would like to share a member briefing from Matt Dawes at Bradley Environmental Consultants Ltd. The briefing looks at asbestos surveys and some of the questions that you should ask when organising for surveys to be carried out in your organisation.

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H&S in the housing sector - Asbestos

This very useful, versatile, but hazardous mineral has been used for hundreds of years and extensively in construction during the 1960s and '70s. Most housing organisations have survey sampling programmes in place, with the intention of identifying and managing any material found.

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Shared practice: Wolverhampton Homes - Dealing with Asbestos

Asbestos is a very strong natural fibre that can be found in rocks. It is not dangerous if it is in good condition and left alone. Asbestos was widely used for a variety of purposes due to its strength and resistance to heat and chemicals. It was banned in 1999 so any building built before 2000 can contain asbestos.

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Case study - Asbestos incident - Solihull Community Housing

Richard Bowden of Sollihull Metropolitan Borough Council has kindly put together a case study to share with members. It tracks an asbestos incident within a leaseholder flat, which takes an unexpected turn leading to an Environmental Health Officer taking possession of the spare keys to a vehicle and subsequently ordering the car to be crushed.

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Personal safety toolkit - revised for March 2016

This toolkit looks at personal safety, and focuses particularly on the safety of customer facing and lone working staff within the housing sector. It is intended to provide advice and guidance for managers of staff who undertaking home visits to clients, but will also provide useful information for others within the sector.

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